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The storage characteristic was represented by simply contact, gallery, in addition to dropbox with all the precentages of 99%, 97%, and 71% respectively. The documentation function was represented simply by camera, video plus recorder using the percentages of 97%, 81%, and 51% respectively. Buah-buahan merupakan komoditas yang paling rentan terpengaruh oleh contrat, posisi kedua yaitu produk padi serta palawija serta posisi ketiga yaitu sayuran.  ABSTRACTEvery nation or economy offers a right in order to determine their tariff rate for each product or commodity. Tariff policy for agricultural product was aimed to establish at the lowest level possible only if the product could not be optimally produced domestically. This study was conducted to see the influence of import tariff rate for agricultural product, to the production or selling prosess of agricultural product in Indonesia, while also counting the optimum tariff rate for Indonesia’s agricultural item through Ordinary Minimum Square Data Screen. The resulth display that, if Authorities was increasing the particular tariff by one percent, then maqui berry farmers would directly gained an increasing product sales as Rp.

Full Text Available The main objective of this study is planning for development the agricultural sector, especially food plants in order to improve the local economy. The steps taken is to examine the performance of the agricultural sector in the district, identify potential food plants to be developed in each sub district, construct a hierarchy regarding centers of public services and economical development, planning the introduction of agriculture food plant life in the region, then describe that within a planning guide. Analysis of typically the research completed by applying Shift Share research, Location Quotient (LQ, and analysis skalogram. The results revealed that the maximum productivity in culture in the district is Wonosobo vegetable plants. Types of plants that can be developed are food plants that have competitive and comparative advantage. Full Text Available Performance Faculty of Administrative Sciences can be seen from the performance of employees. This study focuses on the performance regarding existing units inside the Faculty of Supervision in carrying out there its main tasks and functions inside order to help the strengthening regarding Faculty’s performance.

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In the found chapter, several by-products are presented alongside with their makes use of and applications to describe the advantages of the total usage of fruits and vegetables. On other hand, by-products obtained from fruits and vegetables minimally processed are important sources of fiber and bioactive compounds with antioxidant capacity that could be used as food additives in functional foods or to produce nutraceuticals. Many of these compounds extracted have presented antimicrobial activity and have potential applications in active packaging, edible coatings or as additives in foods to raise shelf life. Polyphenols, fibers, vitamins, in addition to small proteins are usually found in typically the by-products of fruit and vegetables. Potential future research should give attention to the extraction treatment and the filter of the people bioactive ingredients obtained in typically the by-products of minimally processed fruit and veggies.

The outcomes showed that woods requirement of campus regarding UNNES in 2017 is 14. twenty-five ha, but typically the existing area is usually only 13. ciento tres ha. Campus woods in western grounds area is enough to soak up CO2 exhausts with forest accessibility is all about 8, 147 ha while woodland requirement is regarding 4. 47 ‘. Campus forest within eastern campus region is not adequate to absorb CARBON DIOXIDE emissions. The want of campus woodland in eastern campus area is very much bigger that will be 9, 78 ‘ from campus woodland which available will be about 4, 956 ha. The outcomes of the study can easily be used like a reference in the particular progress green area both on campus plus in the location of UNNES Semarang. Full Text Accessible The research evaluated the effect relation turmoil with all the setting regarding high shool establishment namely the University or college Muhammadiyah of Surakarta.

The objective was going to analyze whether typically the variable of staff member behavioral attributes type of relation turmoil consisting of misunderstanding, naïve realism, intervence, faulty attribution, predicament and negative feeling significantly affecting the job motivation.  Typically the sampling as several as 48 people was used by applying purposive method. They will comprised the administrators whose qualifications had been as workers associated with administration unit within university. From your forty eight persons taken as examples through questioner linens,  40 questioner sheets were came back but one of them was broken.

In later years, minimally processing of fruits and vegetables production has increased, thus a large amount of by-product is available but currently underdeveloped and all those unused resources are squandered like seeds, results in, or steams. Additionally, many of individuals by-products obtained coming from fruits and fresh vegetables minimal processing usually are important options for bioactive compounds of extra value for your pharmaceutical drug or food market, especially those together with antioxidant activity as a result of growing interest on functional foods in addition to nutraceutical products in addition to their economic benefit.

Learning strategy is usually done by creating and implementing typically the production base understanding approach as typically the basis strategy regarding the development regarding production units able of becoming IGU in UPI. The particular research method utilized refers to study and development strategies with adjustments considering the effectiveness within validating and performing field model tests. The result associated with this research is the particular basic design associated with PBL model because the development technique of production device in the accomplishment of IGU UPI PTN-BH. In current years nanotechnology offers become a substantial component in meals industry. It really is existing in all meals chain steps, from your design of fresh ingredients or chemicals, towards the most modern day systems of foods quality methods or perhaps packaging, demonstrating typically the great potential with this new technology inside a sector since traditional as foods. However, while curiosity by industry inside nanotechnology increases, typically the rejection by buyers, concerned about the actual risk, does also.